Dog Steals Hose, Gives Man A Bath

This hilarious video of a dog stealing a garden hose and chasing after a man perfectly illustrates “doggie see, doggie do!”

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The bather becomes the "bathee!"

The next time your dog — or cat — lets you know he doesn’t want to take a bath, you may want to listen.

One Washington man learned the hard (and funny) way that “no means no” when his black Labrador Retriever decided to turn the garden hose on him.

WaterhoseDog 1

“How about we give YOU a bath!” Via YouTube

Apparently, as shown in the YouTube video posted earlier this week by AFV Animals, what began as an innocent bath day for the rambunctious pup, quickly turned into a hilarious case of canine karma when the Lab decided the bather should become the bathee.

As the dog chases the man around the yard, it is hard to figure out which is funnier: The fact that the pup is able to keep the hose in his mouth, showering the man every turn and maneuver he makes trying to get away, or the laughter and squeals you hear as the man realizes how the tables have turned.

WaterhoseDog 2

“This is a fun game!” Via YouTube

This entertaining and amusing viral video is a good reminder that like elephants, dogs never forget!

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