Dog Wearing Bathrobe Is Endlessly Fascinated By Fish Tank

This bathrobe-wearing dog is as addicted to watching a fish tank as we humans are to watching Netflix.

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"Shhh.. I'm watching my stories here!" Via emikeii/Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

When you’re binge-watching something awesome, it would probably take a bucket of cake and cash (separate buckets, of course) in order to pull you away, right?

A dog wearing a bathrobe gets this feeling, apparently, but instead of bingeing on an endlessly fascinating drama, she’s mesmerized by a fish tank. Hmmm, OK. So it’s not quite the same, but who are we to judge?

Reddit user emikeii posted several photos of her dog Sophie locked in on a home aquarium, and it’s all kinds of hilarious.

The photos feature Sophie, rocking her pink polka dot housecoat, sitting in front of the fish tank for what was apparently a very long time.

Via emikeii/Reddit

“Not now, it’s just getting interesting.” Via emikeii/Reddit

The main caption of the photo series even says, “We couldn’t even get her to eat…”

We mean, wow. For reals, Sophie? We’ll at least pause our latest Netflix obsession to throw a frozen pizza in the oven.

Via emikeii/Reddit

Pardon the interruption. Via emikeii/Reddit

Sophie’s owners even covered the tank with a towel, but that didn’t seem to deter her at all.

Via emikeii/Reddit

“I know you’re still in there…” Via emikeii/Reddit

She merely turned it into a private theater.

Via emikeii/Reddit

“Hey, y’all. I’m back!” Via emikeii/Reddit

Maybe this is just a case of a dog being fixated on fish swimming around a tank, but we prefer to think Sophie has become besties with one of the fish and they’re silently communicating their life stories to one another. Hey, there have been stranger animal friendships.

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