Dog Sports Activities

Learn the different competitive and fun sports your dog can participate in.

Dog Sports ActivitiesWhether your dog is a pedigreed or mixed breed, a giant or a Toy, there’s a sport just for him. Most sports have more than one organizing body, and almost all have an active presence on the Internet. Check out local events, and head to the websites listed below to find the one that’s right for you and your dog.

Agility is a timed course of obstacles, such as the A-frame, weave poles and tire jumps. It emphasizes accuracy and speed. The United States Dog Agility Association and the North American Dog Agility Council are two national agility organizations that schedule events, track points, and award titles. The American Kennel Club (AKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKC) also offer agility.

Earthdog events provide terrier breeds with the opportunity to hunt underground prey, using caged or artificial prey so that no animals are actually killed. The AKC and UKC sponsor these events.

Flyball consists of four-dog relay teams that compete to hit a box that releases a tennis ball. The dogs then take the ball through a series of jumps. The North American Flyball Association governs these events.

Freestyle obedience is the performance of obedience skills and other dog-friendly movements, such as bow, weave, back up, and jump, choreographed to music. It focuses on creativity and the synchronicity between the dog and human dance partner. The Canine Freestyle Federation is the national organization.

Frisbee, or flying disc competition has dogs of various abilities and skills retrieving and catching flying discs. The International Disc Dog Handlers Association is the worldwide sanctioning body for all canine disc events.

Weight pull provides an opportunity for any dog to pull weight on rails, snow or wheels. Classes are based on the weight of the dog.  The International Weight Pulling Association sanctions the events.

Lure-coursing simulates a dog chasing prey, using a white plastic bag on a line that dogs pursue. Sighthounds excel in this sport. The American Sighthound Field Association and the AKC offer these programs.

Dock jumping measures the distance a dog can jump from a dock into the water. Any water-loving dog with high energy will excel in this sport. Dock Dogs sets the standards for this event.

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