Dog Shows Baby How To Awkwardly Crawl Across New-Fallen Snow

This dog is more than happy to teach a baby how to hilariously crawl across the fresh snow.

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"It looks silly, sure, but it feels fantastic."
Chrissa Hardy

It doesn’t take much to keep a child entertained, especially when it comes to playing outside.

And in a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, a dog is determined to teach a little girl how to truly have a blast in the new-fallen snow.

The girl is focused on a snow tube and pushing it down a slope in the hill.

But then her attention is taken away from the tube and she stares at the dog awkwardly crawling the snow behind her.

Via YouTube

This snow tube is about to become yesterday’s news. Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The dog crawls army-style through the snow in a manner that screams, “Don’t mind me, guys! Just passing through.” And it’s endlessly hilarious.

Via YouTube

“Excuse me. Pardon me. Don’t mind me.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

Time to forget the tube, little lady. Because winter is all about the snow crawl, apparently.

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