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Dog Has Cutest Reaction Ever To Owner Coming Home

This Shiba Inu's reaction to his owner coming home will instantly brighten your day.

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When you come home to this face, all is right with the world. Via mayuu_taro/Instagram

There are lots of reasons having a pet is the most wonderful experience ever, but the best, by far, is the reaction they have when you come home.

And the reaction this Shiba Inu gives his owner could cure even the worst bad mood. In a video uploaded to Instagram by @mayuu_taro, Taro sleepily greets his owner with a giant yawn, a giddy tail wag and an actual smile!

He closes his eyes and his lips curl into a grin at the sight of his owner returning to him.

And this isn’t even the first time Taro has been this cute. Nope, his cuteness is legendary.

Call it a quirk, call it a nervous habit, call it whatever you want.

Taro clearly loves his human, and this reaction says it all.

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