Dog Smiles Wide For Selfie, Or Bares Teeth And Absolutely Hates It

It's hard to tell, but this dog either loves selfies or genuinely hates them.

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"How many selfies do you need, woman?"
Chrissa Hardy

For the most part, dogs don’t understand the key to taking a perfect selfie. It might take several attempts to get your dog to take a good photo, mainly because they have no idea what photos are. But one dog might just get it.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, a woman and her dog pose for a few selfies, and the dog actually smiles!

Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“I don’t know how to smile… but here are all my teeth.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The dog seems to understand exactly when the flash is about to go off, and when to show off those pearly whites.

This is either dumb luck or incredibly impressive dog training.

Or there’s a third option… the dog hates cameras, selfies and the idea of gaining a social media following through posed photos, and is actually baring its teeth, rather than smiling.

Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“I reject the nonsensical pressure society puts on us to be vain and narcissistic. But if I get a cookie afterward… then fine.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

But no matter what the truth is, this dog’s reactions to selfie time are priceless. #Blessed

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