Dog Shows Thanks For Rescue With Full-Body Hugs

This dog shows the love.

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When a simply head scratch won't do. Via amyc21/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

You might have things to do, but if you have a dog you might face interruptions — in the best way.

Asher the Pit Bull mix interrupts his owner with giant hugs to the head while she’s on the phone in a Rumble video posted by amyc21. Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, Virginia, rescued Asher off a chain, according to the video description, and Asher couldn’t be more grateful.

The happy dog can’t seem to stop giving kisses to his owner. This makes her phone call difficult, which apparently happens to be with the CEO of her company.

The most pressing — groan — matter at that moment, however, was the super loving hug from Asher. His owner just has to make time for that.

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