Dog Show!

Whenever there are critters at the office, I feel like a giddy second grader when the mobile pet farm rolls in. This time it was a dog show, and by show I mean a miniature Westminster in a roped off show ring in our parking lot. Of course contestants were limited to the types of breeds owned by co-workers and most of the pooches had never been in the judging spotlight like this. Our very own Alan Reznik, editor-at-large for Dog World and Dog Fancy magazines, and judge on last year’s CBS reality show “Greatest American Dog” brought  his dog show expertise as he explained what judges look for.

This mini event lured a lot of us away from our computers for a half hour. Not too many people can resist dogs strutting their stuff. I joked that a pet bird show would be the on the office calendar of events, but some took this seriously and I must admit their reactions weren’t “Oh how cute,” or “That will be fun” They were more along the lines of “Birds, really?”

I suppose birds take a certain kind of people. But I think it would be fun to set-up a bird-safe area, and then have pet birds waddle along the judge’s table (imagine caiques or lories being scored on their hopping skills) or see which flighted cockatiel best embodies a bird’s gracefulness in flight. Of course, our show would be different from a dog show by the very fact that our contestants can talk back to the judges: “Watcha looking at?” And I imagine some would try to sublimely influence judges by saying “Ima pretty bird.”

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