Dog Senses Something Wrong With His Owner Who Then Gets Emergency Surgery

Nurses stepped up and found someone to care for Jose Carbajal's dog as he underwent emergency surgery.

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When truck driver Jose Carbajal had to get emergency surgery while out on the road, the ER nurses at the hospital found someone to care for his dog. Via Jose Carbajal/The Dodo
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Texas truck driver Jose Carbajal brings along his best friend, a Pit Bull named Mr. Midnight, on his long hauls across the country to keep him company.

On one of those trips, though, Carbajal started feeling stomach pains and became very uncomfortable. As the pain worsened, Carbajal told The Dodo his dog sensed that something wasn’t right with him.

“For those 15 hours that I was in pain Mr. Midnight knew that something was wrong,” Carbajal said to the website. “He would not eat or drink or be his joyful self. I would catch him staring at me with sad eyes.”

Mr. Midnight knew something was wrong when Carbajal was in extreme pain during a long haul in his 18 wheeler. Via Jose Carbajal/The Dodo

So Carbajal stopped at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge, Georgia, where doctors determined that he had to undergo emergency surgery to have his appendix removed. It was on the verge of bursting. And he didn’t know who would take care of Mr. Midnight.

“When I was told by the doctor that I was going to have emergency surgery I didn’t want to do it because I had no idea what was going to happen to Mr. Midnight,” Carbajal said. “He was inside my 18-wheeler waiting for me to come back. I was more worried about Mr. Midnight than I was about myself.”

Carbajal told the nurses about his dog in hopes that someone would help out. The nurses found that someone, sending Mr. Midnight home with Deanna Mahaley, a certified surgical tech at the hospital.

Deanna Mahaley cared for Mr. Midnight for a week while Carbajal recuperated from his surgery. Via Deanna Mahaley/The Dodo

“When I heard Jose had a puppy in his truck, my mind couldn’t get over the fact that the poor thing was probably scared to death that his owner was absent for so long,” Mahaley told The Dodo. “It was killing me. I honestly didn’t even think about how he’d do in the presence of my animals or kids, it just all happened as if it was meant to be.”

Carbajal spent a week in the hospital after the surgery and Mr. Midnight stayed with Mahaley and her family and her other dogs, getting along well with his new friends.

When he was released, he was reunited with Mr. Midnight. The duo made friends with with Mahaley and the emergency room nurses who helped when he and Mr. Midnight needed it.

“They will always have a special place in my heart, and Mr. Midnight will never forget them and all the love they gave him,” Carbajal told the website.

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