Dog Scratching Post Is On Every Cat’s Christmas List

Cats everywhere finally can release their scratching energy on a dog-shaped scratching post, instead of your furniture, or a real dog.

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This cat's wish has just been granted. Via Studio Erik Stehmann/Facebook

Cats need to scratch — it’s just in their nature. And now they can do it on a scratching post that looks like a dog.

Interior Designer Erik Stehmann has created a dog-shaped scratching post that comes in full dog size (and puppy size) and offers cats a cheeky alternative to scratching up your furniture… or your favorite canine.

“Not only does DOG protect your furniture from cat scratching, but it is also THE way for cats to release their frustrations on their “natural enemy!” Stehmann’s website states.

PUP Scratchpost for Cats – NEW!Exclusively available at

Posted by Studio Erik Stehmann on Saturday, October 3, 2015

From the video posted to YouTube by Kanaal van StudioErikStehmann, the overall response from cat customers seems like a positive one.

Go figure.

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