Dog Sweet Talks Owner Into Handing Over Sandwich By Saying ‘I Love You’

Dinky the Great Dane desperately wants his owner's sandwich. He's so determined, he even says "I love you" while he begs.

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Just say those three little words, Dinky.

Dogs love human food (even though it’s usually not very good for them!), and Dinky the Great Dane will not settle for anything less.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Ron Cameron earlier this year, Dinky watches his owner enjoy a sandwich for lunch. But he wants some of it, too, and isn’t shy about making his interest known.

Dinky barks, chuffs, snorts and even says “I love you” several times in a desperate attempt to get some sandwich scraps.

Just a piece. PLEASSSEE/ Via YouTube

Just a piece. PLEASSSE. Via YouTube

OK, so Dinky isn’t actually speaking English, but the way he mimics his owner while speaking sounds very much like those three little words.

"I was here first. I call first bite." Via YouTube

“I was here first. I call first bite.” Via YouTube

And after Dinky’s dog brother gets a piece of the sandwich, he’s more than happy to say it one more time in order to get his own bite.

The best part of the video, though, is that there’s a third dog named Peanut who does nothing at all and still gets a bite. No performance, no begging, just waiting patiently until the owner caves. Way to be, Peanut!

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