Dog Saves Blind Owner From Fire By Calling 911

A service dog trained to alert authorities if her blind owner is ever in trouble dialed 911 when a fire broke out.

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Yolanda the dog is a heroic little lady. Via WPXI
Chrissa Hardy

A service dog in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is being heralded as a hero for calling 911 after smelling a fire in the house.

Yolanda the dog has a specialized telephone she can use to call 911 if her blind owner is ever in danger. And that’s exactly what she did when she detected a fire in their home, WPXI News reports.

Yolanda’s owner is in her 60s, and thanks to Yolanda’s quick and heroic response, firefighters rushed in to save her in time.

While response teams were evaluating Yolanda for smoke inhalation, the Red Paws Emergency Relief Team stopped by and showered Yolanda with food, toys and lots of treats.

This is actually the second time Yolanda saved the day.  Last year, her owner was knocked unconscious and Yolanda called 911 immediately, according to WPXI.

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