Dog Saves 5-Year-Old Boy With Down’s Syndrome Trapped In Clothes Dryer

The family dog has come to the rescue yet again.

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When little Riley got stuck in a clothes dryer, his mom was alerted by Teddy the dog, who probably saved the boy's life. Via Duffy Family/ITV
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A family dog is a hero for saving a 5-year-old boy from the United Kingdom who had somehow crawled into a clothes dryer that automatically turned on.

Riley Gedge-Duffy, of County Down, Northern Ireland, crawled into the clothes dryer and when it turned on, the family dog, Teddy, alerted Riley’s mother that something was amiss, and led her to the utility room where the dryer was located.

“Our family dog alerted my wife that something was up,” Riley’s dad, Aaron Duffy, told ITV News. “When she went into the utility room, Riley was in the tumble-dryer with his iPad, going round and round – he’d obviously closed himself in.”

Teddy lays next to the clothes dryer that he rescued Riley from. Via Duffy Family/ITV

Teddy lies next to the clothes dryer that he rescued Riley from. Via Duffy Family/ITV

After Riley was removed from the dryer, his dad brought Riley, who has Down’s Syndrome, to the bathroom where he gave him a cold shower to cool him down, and when paramedics arrived, they took him to the hospital to ensure the boy was OK, according to ITV News.

Little Riley had burns on his body as well as bumps and bruises from being tossed around inside the clothes dryer, but thankfully Teddy, who had previously alerted the family about a phone charger that had caught fire, was there to save the little boy to much delight from his parents.

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