Dog Saved By Human Chain Of Good Samaritans

A dog caught in a river got help from several people working together.

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Working together, these men saved a dog's life. Via Rumble

We are at our best when we help others. Teaming up to offer such help multiplies that tenfold.

When a chain of men worked together to save a dog caught in a river, as a Rumble video captured, they were truly showing the greatest side of mankind.

The video shows a man at the bottom of a concrete wall that angles down to a river. The man stands in the water and holds on to a dog while both try to stay put against the current.

It would be next to impossible for the two to scale the side of the river. Fortunately, men standing high up on the bank are there to help.

They begin to form a human chain and walk down the concrete embankment. Holding hands, they gradually extend down to the water and hold on to the man with the dog. The two scale the wall while being pulled by the group.

The men’s strength was better together, and they were able to save a life.

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