Dog Rescued From Mine Shaft Seeks Home

And a big bowl of love.

Last week a young pitbull was finally recovering after being rescued from a mine shaft in Riverside County, CA, and is currently in need of a home, according to a report from KTLA. Aptly named “Corona” (the name of the city where she was found), by her rescuer, she is a lively pit bull who has lived through a nightmare but is finding a whole new lease on life.

 Corona the dog

Corona was discovered near Lake Mathews by a group of friends early Saturday morning. After turning onto a dirt road, the group came upon a mine shaft that was about 200 feet deep. After shining a flashlight into the shaft, they could see the eyes of an animal being reflected in the light. 


Before and after video shows a stranded dog being rescued from a mine shaft, and her grateful kisses after being raised to the surface.The pup, dubbed “Corona” for the city near where she was discovered by a group of off-roaders, had minimal injuries.Now her rescuer is trying to help the young pooch find a new home.

On a Facebook page devoted to lost and found pets in the Riverside area, Michael Schoepf, one of Corona’s heroes, wrote “As I’m looking down to see how deep it is I see something looking back at me. I take a closer look and it just so happen to be this beautiful red nose puppy…Needless to say we couldn’t just leave her to a certain death so we went back to the bonfire for anybody that had a long enough tow strap or rope to reach to the bottom.”

Corona dog saved from mine shaft

Schoepf himself was lowered down into the shaft using ropes and other equipment to rescue the dog. He picked up Corona, put her own his shoulders and was raised back to the surface, where Coronoa happily delivered sloppy kisses to all the rescuers.

The next day Corona was taken to the Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Garden Grove, CA.  She was treated and the fees for her visit were waived. Corona has a microchip but it was never registered, so there is no way to know who her original owner was. Schoepf says he is trying to get her adopted, though he hopes to find her original owner. Either way, she deserves to get to a loving home.

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