Dog Rescued After Spending 5 Weeks On A Freeway Median

The German Shepherd, nicknamed Freeway Frida, got stuck on the median when she fell out of a pickup truck on Highway 99 in Northern California.

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"Freeway Frida" is doing well under veterinary care. Via VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital
Cari Jorgensen

When we think of a dog loose on the streets, we think if it doesn’t get help soon it likely won’t survive. If we see a dog out alone, we do what we can to save it. And if we happen to see a dog on the freeway, that desire to help it becomes even stronger because we know the situation can be extremely dire. Surviving such an ordeal is unheard of unless the dog is helped quickly, we often think.

“Freeway Frida” is the nickname of one German Shepherd who survived being stuck on a Northern California freeway for five weeks.

“For the past five weeks, we’ve gotten calls every other day from people reporting an injured dog on the median,” Officer Silvia Coelho of the Galt Police Department told ABC News. “But every time we went out there, we couldn’t see or find her. She was like a ghost dog.”

The dog reportedly became stuck on the freeway after falling out of a truck. There had been speculation that she stayed on the median due to fear — and in hopes that her owner would come back for her. Coelho, along with a California Highway Patrol officer, finally found her on Saturday and took her to the VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital in Elk Grove, California, Fox 40 reports. Frida came to the hospital underweight and with a broken leg.

“She was really skinny and malnourished when we first brought her in, but she’s on the mend, and she’s doing awesome,” Coelho told ABC News. “Though she was skittish at first, she’s starting to relax now.”

She’s now recovering and the hope is to find her owner. Frida, however, isn’t microchipped so that process has been difficult. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Galt Police Department.

If the owner isn’t found, Coelho told ABC News that she just might adopt Frida herself.

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