Dog Goes Full-On Limp Noodle To Protest Leaving Park

When a dog owner decided it was time to leave the park, his dog just flat-out refused.

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"You'll have to carry my giant, lazy body to get me out of here, Dad."

Every dog’s favorite place in the world is the park. They can run, play, roll around the grass and pee on EVERYTHING.

So when it’s time to leave the park and go back home, it’s no surprise that occasionally dogs will just refuse. In a video uploaded to YouTube by whipandco in March of 2013 (but is still making the Internet giggle), a Golden Retriever protests leaving the park by pulling the old limp noodle routine.

Via whipandco/YouTube

“I know how heavy I am. You will not be able to carry me to the car… so let’s just stay right here.” Via whipandco/YouTube

His owner tries just about everything to get this lazy pup back up on all fours, but the dog doesn’t make it easy on him.

Via whipandco/YouTube

“Playtime is over when I say it’s over.” Via whipandco/YouTube

He tugs on the dog’s leash, rolls him over and he even rubs his belly at one point to see if playing nice will do the trick.

And what finally works is beyond strange. The owner puts a stick in his mouth and walks backwards, away from the dog. The dog sees this as some sort of game, and immediately aborts his personal mission to lounge at the park until nightfall.

Via whipandco/YouTube

“Oh, we’re playing The Stick Game? OK, yeah. I’m down.” Via whipandco/YouTube

So what’s the lesson here? Sometimes a stick in the mouth is all it takes? According to this dog, it is.

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