Lazy Labrador Absolutely Refuses To Get Out Of Bed

This dog struggling to get out of bed is all of us, every single morning.

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"Ugh. Today is already the worst. Wake me up tomorrow."

There are few things worse than the moment you wake up and have to exit your warm and cozy bed.

And even without a job or any real responsibilities, a yellow Labrador Retriever understands this struggle all too well.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Sergey Blatov, a very lazy pup does not want to get up and start the day. It’s one thing to whine and wiggle and take forever to get out of bed, but this dog takes it to a whole new (and very theatrical) level.

First, the dog yawns and slowly stretches. And by slow, we mean sllllooowwwww.

Via Sergey Blatov/YouTube

Don’t worry, pup. It’s not like your humans have to be anywhere important or anything. Via Sergey Blatov/YouTube

Then, the pup pretends to be stuck on the side of the bed.

Via Sergey Blatov/YouTube

Yeah, we’re not fooled. Via Sergey Blatov/YouTube

Next, lazy bones chooses to slide off the bed, belly first, onto the floor.

Via Sergey Blatov/YouTube

Zero points for grace. Via Sergey Blatov/YouTube

Finally, once the dog plops onto the floor, it decides to take a nap.

Via Sergey Blatov/YouTube

That’s enough work for one day. Via Sergey Blatov/YouTube

Because getting out of bed is just exhausting.

We feel you, dog. We feel you.

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