Dog Recovering From Gunshot Wound After Being Mistaken For A Lion

Reports of a lion on the loose in Milwaukee might have contributed to this little guy's injuries.

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Simba, recovering from a gunshot wound. Via CBS 58

Take a look at this good looking white dog and ask yourself if he reminds you of anything. Spuds McKenzie? The Target mascot? Your first husband?

Sure, those are all reasonable answers. But this little guy is currently recovering from a gunshot wound because an unidentified Milwaukee man mistook him for a mountain lion. A MOUNTAIN LION. Yes, there have been reports of a lion-like creature (or an escaped pet cougar) in the Brewers’ Hill neighborhood, but you don’t have to have a framed zoology degree to know that this dog isn’t that animal.

The not-at-all-lion-like dog will be in a full cast for six weeks.

“The bullet went through his leg, fractured his bone,” Karen Sparapani, the executive director of the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission told CBS 58. The MADACC believes that the dog is a stray, and they hope that his owner might see his picture and claim him. Until then, they’re calling him Simba.

CBS 58

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