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Dog Recovering After Being Found With Her Mouth Duct Taped Shut

Police officers in South Carolina are looking for the person responsible for abusing the dog.

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Aurora was discovered near a residential neighborhood in Darlington, SC. Via DarlingtonCountyHS Rescue/Facebook

OK, people, here’s a suggestion: Stop being so terrible. Police in Darlington County, South Carolina, are trying to find whoever is responsible for duct taping a dog’s mouth shut, winding the tape so tightly around her head that she would’ve starved to death if she hadn’t been found.

The dog, who has been named Aurora, was seen near a residential neighborhood on Monday morning. Deputies responded to the call and were able to gently peel the tape from the terrified animal’s face.

“I finally got the dog to come to me and I was able to get the duct tape off of her head and her mouth,” Sheriff’s Capt. Chad McInville told The Washington Post. “She was definitely scared. When we were heading back, the latch on the dog catcher’s truck came loose and the poor dog got out again.”

McInville was able to call the dog to him, and she was then taken to the Darlington County Animal Shelter. Workers at the shelter said Aurora was suffering from hookworms and whipworms, in addition to having heartworms. She also had a laceration on one of her feet and is underweight for her size, but otherwise appears to be in good shape and will not need reconstructive surgery, the Post reports. (Veterinarians believe that she is a purebred Great Dane).

Aurora, pictured after the tape was removed from her head and muzzle. Via DarlingtonCountyHS Rescue/Facebook

Aurora, pictured after the tape was removed from her head and muzzle. Via DarlingtonCountyHS Rescue/Facebook

“We are honored to have Aurora under our care and she is probably wondering what all the fuss is about,” the Darlington County Humane Society wrote on Facebook. “We are glad there is a lot of ‘fuss’ about Aurora. She deserves it as no pet should EVER be abused as she was.”

The Darlington County Humane Society has set up a YouCaring site to raise money for Aurora’s medical treatment. She will eventually be put up for adoption, but the rescue group says that she will not immediately be available for rehoming. The DCHS says that it has had “a LOT” – emphasis theirs – of interest in this beautiful girl. Hopefully, she’ll be healthy and in a new loving home soon.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 398-4501 or (843) 398-4920.

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