Puppy Recognizes Brother At Dog Park And Has The Best Play Date Ever

A puppy instantly recognized his littermate at the dog park, and sweetness ensued.

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"I KNOW HIM!" Via caliicrook/Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

They say elephants never forget, but the same can also be said for dogs. No matter what they go through, or how many homes they live in, they retain vivid memories of past experiences – and sometimes, past friends.

A puppy ran into his littermate at the dog park and instantly recognized him, according to a post on Reddit by caliicrook.

“WE KNOW EACH OTHER!” Via Calvin Crook/The Dodo

Sevro au Barka (the dog’s name), a 4-month-old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, was walking with his owner Calvin Crook in Sue Higgins Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada when he came across his dog brother

“The two dogs ran right for each other and began a full-on wrestling playtime instantly,” Crook told The Dodo.

“OUR PARENTS ARE THE SAME.” Via Calvin Crook/The Dodo

After chatting with the owners of the other dog, Harley, Crook realized the two doggos were from the same litter, and had only been apart for 9 weeks.

Now Sevro and Harley get to play together at the park on a frequent basis, and it’s an energetic, wrestle-y family reunion every single time.

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