Dog Gets Super Bummed Once He Realizes He Isn’t Going For A Walk

This dog is so excited to go on a walk... until he realizes he isn't. Dreams = shattered.

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"Oh we'll go "later?" What does that even mean?! Via jericho.the.doggo/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Outside of dinner time, a dog’s favorite time of day is when they can go out for a walk.

They do their business, investigate the neighborhood, maybe sniff the butts of some canine acquaintances, etc. etc. It’s a glorious experience for them.

So when a dog named Jericho got really excited to go on a walk with his human, only to realize that it wasn’t quite Walk Time yet, he was understandably devastated.

The vast range of emotions was caught on video, and then shared on Jericho’s own Instagram page @jericho.the.doggo.

The moment I realised mum wasn’t actually taking me for a walk just yet… RUDE

A video posted by Jericho ???? (@jericho.the.doggo) on

He’s all wags, smiles, happy pants, and playful nips — and then awareness washes over him like a somber rainstorm. It’s such a significant mood shift that you can practically feel his heart breaking. And then a remix of the video made it even more awesomely sad.

Hahaha awh poor Jericho A video posted by Jericho ???? (@jericho.the.doggo) on

Poor Jericho indeed.

And he can’t even tell time, so he has no idea what “later” means.

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