Dog Has Hilarious Reaction To Baby Pooping

When this baby poops, the dog next to him gets totally grossed.

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"Whoa, you really need to be potty trained, kid."

Dogs do a whole lot of things that could be considered disgusting.

They lick themselves as a form of bathing, they scoot their butts along the carpet, and sometimes, they puke on the floor and eat their own vomit. Gross, right?

Well, in a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Kids, a dog is sitting next to a baby on a chair, and gets so grossed out by the baby’s audible bowel movement that the dog gets up and runs away.

Via Kyoot Kids/YouTube

“It’s cool, Mom. We’re both gassy.” Via Kyoot Kids/YouTube

First, they’re both all kinds of relaxed and perfectly content to share the seat.

Via Kyoot Kids/YouTube

“Oh, what? Now chair farts are just beneath you?!” Via Kyoot Kids/YouTube

Then, the baby poops and the dog is all, “Umm, HOW RUDE. I’m out.”

And the baby is left to wonder where his gross little self-cleaning buddy went.

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