Dog Protects Cat From Scary Thunderstorm

During a loud thunderstorm, a pet owner came home to a brave dog protecting her frightened little kitten.

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Snuggling will keep the thunder away. Via Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

Thunderstorms can be terrifying ordeals for pets, as they don’t really understand weather changes enough to know that those loud booming sounds outside are relatively harmless and will soon pass.

But one brave dog put her fears aside to protect a kitten who was not interested in weathering the storm. Reddit user YungDemon posted a series of photos of a kitten and a dog snuggling during a thunderstorm.

Via Reddit

“Came home to my roommates dog protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightning outside.” Via Reddit

The dog had the kitten tucked up safely under her paw, and even though the dog herself looked pretty freaked out, she held it together for the kitten’s sake.

Everyone needs a protector like this.

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