Dog Product Earns Award

Gregg Miller, the founder of Neuticles for dogs, scores Harvard University award.

Gregg Miller, who 10 years ago maxed out his credit cards to mass produce his invention of prosthetic testicles for neutered dogs, is having the last laugh.

His product, Neuticles, has sold more than 150,000 units, and was honored with Harvard University’s Ig Nobel Prize for medicine.  

Although the Ig Nobels are not exactly prestigious, many recipients are, like Miller, happy to win.

“Most scientists — no matter what they’re doing, good or bad — never get any attention at all,” said Marc Abrahams, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research, which organizes the annual awards, in an interview with the Boston Globe.

Neuticles are silicon implants that come in different sizes, shapes, and weights. The product’s website says Neuticles allow a pet “to retain his natural look” and “self-esteem.”

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