Puppy Pretends To Be Obedient, But Leaves His Owner A Messy Surprise Instead

Samson seemed like he was being a good boy by obeying a command, but then his owner discovered his trickery.

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Samson, COME ON!
Chrissa Hardy

Don’t you just hate it when you think your dog is behaving and then you realize he wasn’t behaving at all?

The owner of a young Newfoundland recently learned just how beguiling dogs can be when her charming pup tricked her into thinking he was being a “good boy” by obeying a command to sit.

Via YouTube

What a good boy! Via welovenewfies/YouTube

In a video uploaded to YouTube by welovenewfies, the goofy and handsome Newfie has just turned 11 weeks old, and his proud owner is showing off the progress he’s made in learning basic commands.

First, Samson is asked to find his toy, which he does — even earning him a well-deserved “good boy” from his owner.

Next, he is asked to sit, which he — seemingly — does, once again eliciting praise from his owner. Except this time, it’s not so well-deserved.

It’s only after he gets up and walks around the room, that his owner realizes Samson wasn’t just sitting — he was peeing. Right on the nice wood floor.

Via YouTube

Or not.. Yikes. Via welovenewfies/YouTube

Very sneaky, Samson. You’re clearly smarter than you seem… but your potty training definitely needs some work.

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