Dog Awkwardly Prances Around In New Rain Booties

There are few things cuter than this dog awkwardly galloping around the house in his new boots.

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This dog just forgot how to walk. Via owennshit/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

New shoes take some getting used to. You need to work ’em in enough so you’re comfortable and barely notice you’re wearing them.

For dogs, though, wearing shoes is not the norm. And in the case of one adorable pup, the time it takes to feel comfortable in his boots will be long and hilariously awkward.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by @owennshit, the dog stands across the room in his new boots.

 As the dog starts to walk, which turns into a gallop, which turns into a prance, which ultimately turns into a four-limbed freakout because he has no idea what’s going on, but he’s sure he doesn’t like it at all.

So the next time you’re wearing new and uncomfortable shoes, be thankful you’re not this dog. And maybe play this video on repeat.

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