Dog Plays Fetch Without Any Sense Of Urgency

This dog is super casual about the whole “fetch thing.”

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"Can't you go get the ball?" Viakkonovitch/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

It’s fun to play with dogs. At least, fun for people, for sure. We all kind of assume it’s fun for the dogs, too, but now we wonder if they’re faking it.

A video recently posted to Rumble shows a dog whose heart really isn’t into fetch. Her owner tosses a ball, and the Chocolate Labrador takes her sweet time walking over to it.

For the return trip, she picks up a little speed — Maybe she wants to play after all? — but she drops the ball somewhere off-camera, dashing the hopes that maybe she really wanted to play.

An unimpressive pace.  Viakkonovitch/Rumble

An unimpressive pace. Viakkonovitch/Rumble

Lots of people have watched this video, so maybe the truth is finally dawning on all of us. Now we have to start questioning every supposedly fun activity with dogs, looking to see if they’re rolling their eyes while we ask them if they’re a good boy and wondering if their barks are sarcastic.

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