Lazy Dog Doesn’t Go Anywhere Without A Piggyback Ride

Why walk when you can easily just get a piggyback ride?

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When this dog doesn't feel like going up the stairs, he hitches a ride! Via Jamieann88/Rumble
Chrissa Hardy

Does anyone actually enjoy walking up stairs? We’re guessing no.

So it should be no surprise that dogs aren’t thrilled by the task either, especially since they have double the legs. In a video uploaded to Rumble by Jamieann88, a dog shows zero interest in heading up the stairs, so his owner gives him a piggyback ride instead.

Via Rumble Video

“Ugh, the stairs again? Forget it. I’ll just stay here.” Via Jamieann88/Rumble

We get it. When you’re tired (or just lazy), even walking a straight line to your bed can seem like running a marathon.

Via Rumble Video

“Um, heck yes I’ll take a ride!” Via Jamieann88/Rumble

So if you have someone to carry you, like this dog does, you’ve got it made in the shade.

Honestly, we’re a little jealous.

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