Dog Found Standing Watch Over Friend’s Body Identified

Both the loyal Great Pyrenees and his deceased friend had disappeared from the same home.

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A dog was found on the side of the road standing guard over another dog who was presumably hit and killed by a car. Via Julie Fennell/Facebook

The Great Pyrenees who was photographed standing watch over his friend’s body has been identified and returned to his Dallas, Texas home. The picture of the two dogs — one presumably hit by a car, the other refusing to leave his side — broke the Internet’s collective hearts after it circulated on social media.

Animal advocate Julie Fennell approached the two dogs and delivered the Great Pyrenees to Dallas Animal Services, where the staff scanned him for a microchip. The dog had not been tagged, so DAS attempted to locate his owner through Facebook posts and appeals on the local news. “

I believe he is owned by somebody — that there’s somebody out there who is looking for him,” DAS shelter manager Teresa Cleek told CBS DFW on Sunday.

Our condolences to the family on the loss of Marley, but we are happy that at least Brian will be going home soon. Thanks to everyone involved.

Posted by Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

She was right. Thanks to the shelter’s efforts — and the attention that the photograph received online — the dogs’ owner was found. The Great Pyrenees, whose name is Brian, and Marley, the 1-year-old Shepherd mix who was struck and killed by a car, belonged to the same family, DAS reports. According to the family (who has yet to be identified), the dogs escaped from their home after someone accidentally left the garage door open.

“DAS appreciates the efforts of the community and the media for their assistance and for helping us reunite Brian with his family,” the shelter wrote in a press release. “DAS advises pet owners to ensure your dog is tagged and collared and to file a lost pet report with your local city shelter if your pet goes missing.”

According to CBS DFW, Brian was microchipped before he was returned home.

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