Chillest Dog Ever Watches Phillies Game In A Baby Carrier

It doesn't look like this dog is actually watching the Phillies play, but nobody is enjoying the game more.

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If only we could all watch sports this way. Via MLB Video

Baseball is not known for being an intense, fast-moving sport. The games tend to be long and only a few players (at most) are moving at one time.

So it’s no surprise that a spectator at a recent Phillies game was extremely relaxed, to the point of napping. But that might have less to do with the lack of action on the field and more to do with the fact that it was a dog, leaning against its owner… while cradled in a baby carrier.

Via MLB Video

“Yep. This is the life.” Via MLB Video

While scanning the crowd, the MLB cameras discovered this sleepy pup and its loving owners in the stands.

The best part of this adorable and slightly odd seating arrangement is the look on the dog’s face. It’s a mix between peaceful chillaxing and proud satisfaction that the dog is clearly in charge of its humans. And that the dog’s comfort is their top priority at all times.

Mar 31, 2016 10:37

“Yeah, I’ll do a little dance for the cameras. But you have to help.” Via MLB Video

If only the dog could get them to hand-feed it water. OH WAIT.

Mar 31, 2016 10:35

“Good. Now get me a hot dog.” Via MLB Video

Clearly winning at life, this pup.

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