Dog Perfumes and Sweet-Scented Pooches

A hot new trend in dog fashion, dog perfumes bring upscale elegance to your dog home.

“A delicate blend of Italian lemon and bergamot essential oils … enhanced with green tea extract and floral notes.” If you’re thinking about running out to purchase this luxurious blend of scents for yourself, you’ll be surprised to discover that this perfume isn’t sold in upscale department stores for the trendy two-legged consumer. This Eau de Toilette, created by WOOF Cosmetics, is formulated specifically for dogs, and is just one of the many fragrances available for our four-legged friends.

“The perfume market is growing for people and for animals, too,” says Maggie Ross, owner of The Down Town Dog Pet Boutique in Illinois. “A scent is an accessory; just like clothing and jewels. How you pamper and dress your dog is a reflection of your own personal style. If you are into hair accessories and perfumes, you are going to do that for your dog as well.”

Pet perfumes and colognes are popular, but refreshing grooming sprays and spritzes are the best sellers at New York’s Canine Styles Uptown, says manager Cammy Cutler. “They are not too heavy like a regular perfume. My high-end clientele love these, but they appeal to anybody really,” Cutler says. “They really are for any dog, any breed.”

Pet perfumes are part of a growing trend in which grooming means much more than a clean dog. “This is the next step up in pampering,” Cutler says. “This is more than giving a bath and going home.”

Dana Humphrey, marketing and web associate for the Muttropolis chain of pet boutiques, explains that grooming sprays were originally designed to lengthen the time between a dog’s baths. “But now there are sprays that can help dogs smell better longer and repel dirt. And we have one that has shimmer and helps the dog’s coat look better and smell fresh and fun,” Humphrey says. Some sprays even contain glitter to give your dog a sparkle on special occasions.

Whether running errands or snuggling in bed, our dogs are with us more than ever, so this trend in pleasing doggie scents, well, makes sense. And unlike a new sweater or a collar, a canine fragrance may have more style longevity, so it’s “a way to pamper your dog and do something nice that’s not going to go out of fashion or get chewed up,” Ross says.

For Ross’ lap-dog-owning clients, a sweet-smelling pet is important. “If your dog is someone you have on your lap and leaning against your shirt, it makes a difference in how you want that dog to smell.”

Aside from appealing fragrances, these ultra-pampering sprays also have benefits for your dog. Cutler explains that many of the products sold in Canine Styles Uptown have natural and organic ingredients, and help moisturize canine skin and hair.

Muttropolis also carries similar products. One sweet-smelling spray may be useful to take along on a longer trip with your dog, Humphrey explains. “It has lavender and chamomile, so it helps reduce stress, plus it’s a de-tangler,” she says.

When your dog is groomed and gorgeous, she knows it. And a clean, great-smelling dog gets more cuddle time with you. What dog wouldn’t want to look — and smell — fabulous?

Robin Whitsell is a freelance writer who lives in North Carolina with her husband, her two daughters, and her Labrador Retriever Foster.

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