Dog Owners In Japan Pretend To Faint, Just To See How Their Dogs React

In the latest weird social media trend, Twitter users in Japan are "fainting" while walking their dogs and recording their pets' reaction.

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"What do you expect me to do, cry about it?" Via @gunsli_aaron/Twitter

When it comes to finding weird, ridiculous or seemingly unnecessary trends, you can pretty much spin the globe and press your finger anywhere on Japan. The country that gave us cat cafes, a cats-only Street View and Crayola-colored fast food (not everything has to do with cats) has now unleashed one more strange thing onto the internet – literally. Twitter users in Japan are filming themselves after they pretend to faint, dropping their dogs’ leashes and then recording their pets reactions.

How this became a cool or popular thing to do is anyone’s guess. As far as the dogs are concerned, most seem like they really don’t care, some try to escape and others stand around looking confused (although that was my last dog’s default expression, even when I wasn’t facedown on the pavement). Here are a few examples of what we’re talking about:

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