Dog Owner Installs Portholes For Dogs to See the Outside World

A clever owner gives his dog a unique way to see the world.

Nearly every time I take my dog out for a walk, it seems like we are constantly barked at by dogs hidden behind fences of their homes. Sometimes I like to think they’re talking to my dog and saying “Oh, you’re going for a walk? I’m so jealous!” But maybe they are just barking at the unknown? If they knew what was on the other side of the fence, would they bark?

 portholes for dogs 

Redditor dath0916 moved into a new home and noticed his neighbor had made a change to his fence that allows his dogs to safely get a full street view outside of their yard. The huskies look so happy as they stick their heads through the custom-made portholes.  A fellow Redditor named Lillipout described the fence as looking like “some kind of doggie pirate ship.” 

This home-improvement project allows the humans to keep their privacy and the dogs to get a nice view of the street and keep an eye out for passing cars, mail carriers and pesky squirrels.

 dog cartoon

Another Redditor, named Forensicunit, had a good point: “Huskies are the smartest and most determined dogs I’ve ever owned. They do not like being behind walls. They’re extremely resourceful in getting out. I’m pretty sure the dogs installed these themselves.”

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