Dog Owner Facing Animal Abuse Investigation Over ‘Pet Shaming’ Photo

The Washington state woman posted on Facebook a picture of her dog with a pee pad wrapped around his head.

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"Dog Shaming by way of the Wearing of the PeePee Hat," the owner wrote on Facebook. Via Q13 Fox

A pet owner in Everett, Washington, is under investigation by the Everett Animal Shelter after posting a photo of her dog wearing a pee pad on his head.

A woman identified as Lisa Parker posted a Facebook picture on February 12, showing her dog, Ludo, with his face wrapped in one of the house-training aids. The picture was picked up by Exposed, a Facebook page that, according to its description, “exposes animal abusers” by sharing pictures, videos and information about their often stomach-turning actions.

“Successful dog shaming by way of The Wearing of the PeePee Hat,” Parker wrote. “Ludo thought it would be a good idea to p*** in the house, five minutes after his goodnight potty run. He is finding out…not so bright! I sopped it up with a peepee pad before scrubbing it with Oxyclean and vinegar. He is now wearing his creation.”

Parker’s picture was met with anger and outrage, as more than 300 commenters on the Exposed post have urged the ASPCA and local agencies to investigate her.

“I’m almost to the point where I would think she doesn’t deserve a dog, but maybe she’s that ignorant that she doesn’t know how to train a dog, so maybe she needs to be educated and maybe she needs to be fined,” Linda Perri of animal advocacy organization Unchain told Q13 Fox.

In a news release, Everett Animal Shelter officials said the organization has started its animal abuse investigation (The shelter’s animal control unit enforces the city’s animal codes).

“We’ve received many calls and emails from citizens who had concerns about postings the dog owner made on Facebook,” shelter manager Glynis Frederiksen said. “We take these allegations very seriously and our animal control officers are actively investigating the case.”

In a comment on her own Facebook page, Parker said she did not put the pad on Ludo’s head on purpose, insisting that he “crawled under [it]” on his own.”

She said that she has received death threats and has both hired an attorney and has filed a police report with Everett police.

“[This is the] LAST thing that I thought my Warhol minutes would be about,” she wrote.

The shelter’s investigation is expected to be completed next week.

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