Golden Retriever Orders His Own Ice Cream From The Ice Cream Truck

Talk about self-sufficient! This dog loves his sweets and orders them himself when the ice cream truck arrives.

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"Now THIS is a cone that I enjoy."
Chrissa Hardy

If you want something done right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself.

In a video uploaded last week to YouTube by Jon Hubble, a Golden Retriever named Zack loves ice cream so much that he places his own order with the ice cream man who drives through the neighborhood.

It seems to be a four-step process that Zack has down to a science.

Step 1: His owner puts money into a plastic container, which Zack carries in his mouth.

Money, check! Via YouTube

Money, check! Via Jon Hubble/YouTube

Step 2: He runs up to the ice cream truck and gives the container to the ice cream man.

"Here is your payment. I shall wait for my reward." Via YouTube

“Here is your payment. I shall wait for my reward.” Via Jon Hubble/YouTube

Step 3: The ice cream man takes the money out and fills that plastic container with ice cream.

"Up to the rim, please!"Via YouTube

“Up to the rim, please!”Via Jon Hubble/YouTube

Step 4: Zack takes the container back in his mouth and runs home to enjoy his well-deserved treat.

"This top needs to come off immediately." Via YouTube

“This top needs to come off immediately.” Via Jon Hubble/YouTube

It should be noted that human food could potentially make a dog sick, but since Zack works so hard for this snack, he definitely deserves a little tasty treat.

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