Dog Or Cat? The Internet Wants Answers

A very furry creature has sparked a debate on social media: Is it a dog or is it a cat?

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Whatever it is, it's hairy! Via n2o/Twitter
Stephanie Brown

Social media is a breeding ground for contentious debate. While the last few days (months, really) the debate has been about the presidential election, it seems a new topic has cropped up — one that we are happy to weigh in on.

The internet, it seems, is torn over whether this is a dog or a cat:

Some think it’s a dog. Other’s are certain it is a cat. At least one person thought it was a fizzgig, a creature from the gloriously 80s Jim Henson movie, “The Dark Crystal.”

It turns out the photo is actually of a Persian cat named Atchoum who lives in Quebec, Canada. Atchoum has hypertrichosis, which causes excessive hair growth — and clearly is the reason why someone could mistake him for a Muppet. He has his own Facebook and Instagram pages, both of which have thousands of followers.

“I’m hairy not scary!!” reads his Instagram profile.

He even has his own website.

So the cat people were right. We wish every debate was as easy to resolve — and as cute — as this one.

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