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See the winners! Check out how these dogs got their creative names.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the DogChannel Dog Names contest. There were so many great names it took a little longer than expected to tally up the winners.  In fact there were so many great names and so many votes, we decided to award additional winners. Congratulations to everyone!

It was a close race. Grand prize winners and runner ups were chosen based on the number of votes.

Grand Prize –500 Club Dog Points



Saluki- Club Dog Member Melian

“I wanted to name my beautiful and graceful dog, Melian, after a character of the same attributes from Tolkien’s fantasy of Middle Earth. I was told by the breeder that all of the puppies had to be named something to do with “love” since it was the “Love Litter.” I was a little disappointed but thought I’d keep Melian as her every day name and give her a special love themed name for official purposes. I looked up the meaning of the word, Melian. It is an Elvish word and means “Gift of Love!” Imagine my delight at this. Not only was the name in keeping with the theme of love but she was also a gift to me from the breeder. “Melian” couldn’t be more appropriate. So, her official name is Gift of Love, which is the English translation of her real name, Melian. I love my Meli! She’s the most loving gift I’ve ever received.”


Labrador Retriever

Labrador - Club Dog Member Peaka

“Being half Norwegian, I wanted to give my new little bundle of joy a name in the Norse language. I had only just begun to learn it, so I wasn’t familiar with a large number of words, but I did know that the Norwegian word for girl is “pike”, which is pronounced “Pea-keh.” After a couple of years, I decided to change the spelling of her name from “Pike” to “Peaka.” I liked the way it looked and there wouldn’t be any more pronunciation confusion. It’s a unique and beautiful name that’s just right for my girly girl.”


Lorna Doone
Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier - Club Dog Member Lorna Doone

“Since the Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest Scottish breeds, Lorna Doone is named for the Lorna Doone Scottish shortbread cookies made by Nabisco because of the color of her coat. The cookies have been in existence since 1890 because of the extremely popular book (which has never been out of print) Lorna Doone written by Blackmore in 1869, which depicts Lorna Doone being kidnapped by marauding Scotsmen. The story has also been turned into plays, musicals, and movies.”


Fiona the Fearless
Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell - Club Dog Member Fiona

“The name Fiona means “fair,” “white” and she is mostly white. Fiona is a JRT and the breed originated in England, Fiona is an English name so it reflectes her heritage. I also think that Fiona is a lovely name! The rest of her name “the Fearless ” represents her personality. Fiona is truly fearless! She sees everyone as a friend and is still a curious girl. Fiona takes life as it comes without reservations and enjoys it to the fullest.”


Airedale Terrier

Airdale - Club Dog Member Angus
“When I got my puppy I wanted a strong, confident name for him. I was watching one of my favorite movies “Far From Home, The Adventures of Yellow Dog.” The main character is a boy named Angus. I thought what a perfect name for my puppy.”


Runner Ups-250 Club Dog Points

Golden Retriever

“Brandon was named after the Golden Retriever in the show “Punky Brewster,” who was named Brandon”

Ms. Wooki

“Ms. Wooki is one of our rescue dogs, and a darlin at that! Her Daddy named her after the Star Wars character, Chewbacca.”

Cairn Terrier

“When I brought Terra home from the breeder I wasn’t sure what I was going to name her until I watched her for several hours. She ran from one end of the house to the other just having a grand old time.I thought to myself that she was going to be a “wholly Tear” and came up with Terra.”

Shih Tzu

“I have named all my female Shih Tzus after Angels, and Arial is the Angel name and Faith is for Hope (her sister’s name), Faith, and Charity.”

Special Agent Gibbs
Brussels Griffon

We named him Special Agent Gibbs after the character on NCIS.  “Gibby,” as we call him, is always investigating and into something, being only 5 months old. He seems to be the “boss” around here as well! 


Editor’s Choice -100 Club Dog Points

Some of these names were so creative  we couldn’t let them go unnoticed. Here are the picks for Editor’s Choice.

Moose Mooko
German Shepherd

They thought I was as big as a moose and it stuck! I make a noise like a cow mooing so they started calling me Moo Cow which became Mooco which later became Mooko to stop everyone thinking my name was pronounced Moocoo or Moose Moo Cow!! But they call me Moosey Girl or Mookey girl alot too!!”

Cocker Spaniel

When I first met him, he was just a tiny little puppy. He was so happy to meet us people, and trying to reach me to be held or be petted.  He just kept bouncing up and down.  It looked like those sticks with woolly ball on its tops to play Timpani the drum.”

Luma Faye
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

My husband and I played Mario Galaxy for the Wii when it first came out.  Granted, I’m not very good at video games, but this game had little “star brights” and they were named “Luma’s”.  When we picked (or should I say when our puppy picked us!), she reminded me of a little star.  From that day on, we couldn’t think of a better name for her than Luma.  Her middle name just seemed to fit well and it’s a name that I have always loved.  What a lovely addition to our family.  Our little star, Luma Faye.”

Labrador Retriever

“She’s a chocolate Lab named after Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory! She has competed in K9 Disc for 13 years and appropriately nick named the chocolate Rocket.”

D’arthanian Bartholomew
French Bulldog

“D’arthanian was the fellow who took the adventure on the Three Musketeers and English Bulldogs are adventurous and so are we.  Bartholomew is a middle English/Aramaic name that means to furrow and he loves to dig into the pillows and blankets and find a place to sleep. It just kinda fit!”

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