Dog Movie Impresses Travolta’s Toughest Critic

John Travolta’s role as dog action star in "Bolt” impresses his daughter.

"Bolt" movieJohn Travolta’s 8-year-old daughter Ella Bleu is not easily impressed. Her dad has appeared in some 50 films and received two Oscar nominations, but it was his turn as a cartoon dog in the animated film “Bolt” that finally won her over.

“All this work, and that’s what it took to be a superstar in her eyes,” Travolta told The Associated Press.

“Bolt” is the story of a dog action star who thinks his superpowers are real until he’s lost in New York City and must find his way home to Hollywood and his devoted costar and owner, Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus).

Travolta shares his daughter’s affection for the film. “I love that the film has so much heart,” Travolta says. “If you’ve ever been separated from your favorite animal, and if you’ve ever loved someone and you miss them, you’re brokenhearted because you can’t be near them. I think audiences will identify in a big way with Bolt and his owner, Penny. It’s a love story, really, and it’s completely entertaining and inviting.”

“Bolt” is in theaters now.

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