15 Dog Mom Problems

There are few things more rewarding than being a dog mom, but it does come with some challenges.

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How are you ever supposed to the leave the house? Via jenerjy/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

If you’re a dog mom, then you know how absolutely amazing it can be to care for and love a furbaby. They are always there for you, comfort you when you’re sad and can take the edge off a long day by making you laugh. Watching them grow up and providing for them is a rewarding experience… but it can sometimes be a struggle.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are 15 problems pretty much every dog mom can relate to.

1. Leaving for work in the morning is the WORST!

Dog looks sad

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That’s what sick days are for.

2. Your phone is always out of storage space because of all the pictures you take of your dog.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Chisholm

*Rolls eyes whenever someone suggests you delete a few photos*

3. You always cancel plans to stay home with your dog and now no one invites you to things anymore.

The definition of a perfect night.

4. Your dog actually gets invited to more parties than you than you do.

Dog play dates are pretty much your only form of social interaction these days.

5. When your dog throws a fit because he doesn’t want to leave the dog park and everyone looks at you like you’re the worst dog mom in the world.

We come here literally EVERY. DAY.

6. Not being able to move because your dog fell asleep on you.

Guess I’m stuck like this forever now.

7. When your dog makes a big mess but you can’t possibly be mad at that face.

Via LotusCobra/Reddit

You’re still a good boy. Mama loves you.

8. The fact that your dog is more popular on Instagram than you are.

You might as well make an Instagram account for your dog. Haha, j/k. We know your dog already has one.

9. You’re always covered in dog hair.

You don’t even bother with lint rollers anymore.

10. Actually, you’ve probably eaten dog hair today.

All dog moms have gotten dog hair in their mouth at some point.

11. You’re always broke because you spend all your money on your dog.

She only eats organic and, yes, she needed that tutu, thank you very much!

12. Having to change brunch/lunch/dinner plans last minute because the restaurant doesn’t allow dogs.

How rude.

13. When you hear about a dog who needs a home and start doing the math to figure out how you can afford yet ANOTHER dog.

Via Imgur

If you don’t eat for 2.5 days each week, you could make it work. You never liked grocery shopping all that much anyway.

14. Wishing your dog could text.

If only.

15. When people try to tell you you’re not actually a mom.

No, I didn’t give birth to this dog, but he’s still my baby.

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