Dog Models in High Demand

As one company seeks dog models for calendar, another selects its 2007 "Haute Dog Super Model.”

Cain & Able Collection LLC, a maker of spa products for dogs, selected a rescue dog named Zoe as its 2007 “Haute Dog Super Model.” Zoe will be featured in future Cain & Able Collection marketing campaigns.

Zoe and owner Jennifer Nelson received a year’s supply of Cain & Able bath products. The first and second runners-up will also appear in marketing campaigns and receive free dog products.

The company has also posted winning dog photos for a variety of categories, including most athletic, smartest, best kisser, and celebrity look-alikes, on its website at

If you missed that contest, Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co. is seeking “cute” cats and dogs for its 2008 calendar. The company plans to select winners for each month of 2008.

“Today, people feed their pets the best food the market offers, pamper them with the best toys and treatments available and love them as much as a parent loves their children,” says Holly Sher, Evanger’s president. “Now everyone has a chance to show the world how beautiful their pride and joy is.”

To enter your dog in the contest, e-mail a high-resolution image by Aug. 10, 2007, to Entries should include your name, your pet’s name and the photographer’s name, as well as your name and address.

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