Dog Models Chic Cutouts On Twitter, Becomes Fashion’s Latest Icon

All our dogs are going to be vying for these cardboard cutouts pretty soon.

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Chihuahua-mametaro is soon to be a world-renowned cardboard cutout model. Via myouonnin/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

When you think fashion icons, you think of Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood… and Chihuahua-mametaro.

If you’re not sure just who Chihuahua-mametaro is, just ask your dog. We’re pretty sure she knows. But just in case she’s not sharing the details, Chihuahua-mametaro is the current “It” model of cardboard fashion.

Hailing from Saitama Prefecture in Japan, Chihuahua-mametaro wears the designs of owner Semba.

“The designs are based on manga, anime/movie characters, or Japanese playing cards,” Semba told BuzzFeed. “They are things that I like.”

And Chihuahua-mametaro rocks the look on Twitter.

1. Channeling The Dark Side

“Nailed it.”

2. Rocking Halloween In Style

Pumpkins are so in right now.

3. The Latest In Athletic Wear

This is fashion that makes a healthy statement.

4. Koala, The Newest Animal Fashion Trend

Zebra stripes and cheetah prints are so passé.

5. Adding Femininity With Florals

Chihuahua-mametaro showing off his softer side.

6. Fashion Can Be Fishy Sometimes

Modeling next summer’s line.

7. Lighting Up The Runway

Chihuahua-mametaro has that fashion spark.

All of our dogs want these fashions. We’re guessing cats do, too, but for entirely different reasons.

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