This Dog Figured Out How To Meow Like A Cat

Some dogs will do anything for treats, even learning how to meow like a cat, apparently.

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"Dog, cat – I'll be anything you want as long as I get a treat."

Some pets are willing do whatever it takes for a snack. And apparently, that includes acting like other animals.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Paula Mendes, a dog actually meows on camera in exchange for a treat.

"Woof! Oh, that's not what you wanted?" Via YouTube

“Woof! Oh, that’s not what you wanted?” Via Paula Mendes/YouTube

This is clearly a skill that has been honed over time because the dog barks at first.

Then, after a treat (and owner approval) is not given, the dog lets out an uncanny impression of a cat, with a meow.

Via YouTube

“Ugh, fine. Meoowwww.” Via Paula Mendes/YouTube

It’s almost unsettling how on-point this meow is. Almost. But it’s also extremely impressive.

Maybe next this dog can learn to moo like a cow or cluck like a chicken? Because surely those would lock in bonus treats.

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