This Dog Is A Master Of Disguise

Can you spot the dog in this photo? It seems easy, but it will take you a minute.

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There's a dog in here. Can you spot him? Via unilad/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

There have been many viral images recently that require stellar visual investigating: the lone panda with all the snowmen, and of course, the cat in the middle of the owl crowd (Gergely Dudas, you are responsible for all the work we missed).

But here’s one that’s surprisingly difficult. And it’s surprising because it’s not a “Where’s Waldo” scenario. In a photo posted to Instagram by unilad, a dog lying on the floor basically disappears into a gray shag rug.

“My dog is a master of disguise…”

A photo posted by UNILAD (@unilad) on

The caption reads, “My dog is a master of disguise…” and truer words have never been spoken. Because man, oh man, does this pup blend in.

It’s too bad the world around us isn’t gray and fuzzy or this dog would essentially be a superhero.

Yeah, kinda like these guys. Via Giphy

Yeah, kinda like these guys. Via Giphy

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