Bulldog Just Wants To Hop Around On His Trampoline Forever And Ever

This Bulldog loves flipping and rolling around on his trampoline more than you've ever loved anything.

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According to Mudd the Bulldog, trampoline time is the best time.

No matter what your hobbies are and how much you enjoy them, you definitely don’t love them as much as this dog loves trampolines.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user stormy050607 (back in September 2012, but is still making the Internet rounds), a Bulldog named Mudd gets a boost by his owner onto a trampoline, and then goes adorably nuts on it.

Via stormy050607/YouTube

Forget dancing, Mudd trampolines like nobody’s watching. Even though everyone is watching. Via stormy050607/YouTube

Mudd can’t get enough of his trampoline and will never tire of attempting flips and tumbles all over the bouncy surface.

Via stormy050607/YouTube

“Watch this, Mom and Dad!” Via stormy050607/YouTube

He might not get points for skill or grace like a gymnast would, but that doesn’t keep him from having a total blast.

Even though this video is almost four years old, we’d wager that Mudd is still bouncing away on his beloved trampoline.

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