Dog Caught Adorably Napping With Toddler

A pet owner looked all over the house for her dog only to find him snuggling with her daughter in bed.

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It just doesn't get any sweeter than this.
Chrissa Hardy

Dogs seem to be able to take naps anywhere, and in any position. But when they nap like humans and WITH humans, well that’s just the best thing ever.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by user kristinnc2002, a dog named Raven is discovered snuggled up in bed with a toddler named Addison.

Naptime for everyone. Via YouTube

Raven’s owner indicated in the video description that she had looked all over the house, and even outside, to locate the dog, only to stumble upon a very adorable snuggle session in Addison’s bed.

Raven is even completely covered and tucked in under the covers with Addison as they nap facing opposite directions. The family pet seems to be guarding his tiny human from any potential slumber interruptions.

It’s all kinds of wonderful.

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