This Dog Cannot Get Enough Of Jumping Into A Leaf Pile

A dog named Stella jumps into the same leaf pile several times and still can't get enough.

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Yeah, fall is definitely this dog's favorite season.

This is Stella. She likes leaves… a lot.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Jody Hartman, a dog named Stella expresses her love of autumn by jumping into a giant pile of leaves over and over again.

To be fair, she’s usually chasing a ball into the pile. But the way she bounds into the leaves with such excitement makes it seem like she could bask in their bright orange glow forever.

Is there a dog somewhere in there? Via YouTube

Is there a dog somewhere in there? Via Jody Hartman/YouTube

There’s even a moment when she takes a GoPro into the pile of leaves with her, which is fun, if you like dizziness and claustrophobia.

Oh good, total darkness. That's cool. Via YouTube

Oh good, total darkness. That’s cool. Via Jody Hartman/YouTube

But Stella’s happy wag and stella-r (see what we did there?) smile make this leaf-diving adventure an absolute blast.

I mean, it does look pretty cozy in there. Via YouTube

I mean, it does look pretty cozy in there. Via Jody Hartman/YouTube

Stella never wants fall to end, and neither do we.

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