Dog Loves Hot Tub Jets More Than You Could Ever Love Anything

When it comes to taking a little "me time" in the hot tub to relax, a dog named Cuzzie does it like a BOSS.

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Endless oohs and aahs.

If you need something to motivate you to take more time for yourself, let Cuzzie be your guide.

An older YouTube video of a dog named Cuzzie basking in the soothing embrace of hot tub jets is making the rounds on the Internet again.

“Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”

In the video, posted in 2013 by Danny Sam, not only does Cuzzie lean back against the jets like a human, but he also releases several garbled moans while the jets massage his furry back.

“It’s nice to unwind after a long day of playing fetch and barking at the mailman.”

Have you ever enjoyed yourself this much? When was the last time you really let loose and did exactly what you wanted, when you wanted to do it?

Take a lesson from Cuzzie and Treat Yo Self.

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  • That is just toooooo stinking CUTE for words!!!! You go Cuzzie!

    Wanda B August 26, 2015 6:16 am Reply

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