This Dog Loves The Bathtub More Than Anything

Charlie the dog spends a ridiculous amount of time hanging out in the bathroom.

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"Yeah, I like my tub time. SO WHAT?!" Via charlie_the_lab527/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Most dogs have their regular sleeping and relaxing spots around the house. And in most cases, those spots are on couches and beds. But a 10-month-old Labrador-Brittany mix named Charlie spends most of his chill time in the bathroom, because why not?

Charlie is all kinds of adorable, as proven by his charming antics captured on Instagram @charlie_the_lab527. He’s a happy pup who is bursting with derp. His quirks are what make him such a hilarious ham.

But his best quirk, by far, is how often he is found lounging in the bathtub (sans bubbles and water) or just in the bathroom in general.

I mean, how many dogs do you know that truly enjoy bath time? Most of them hate it, right? But Charlie has zero bathroom hangups.

He even hangs out in the shower!

Charlie, don’t ever change.

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