Dog Lover Opens Boston Terrier Museum

The collection features vintage pieces that pay tribute to the popular dog breed.

Bob Hambright loves hunting for Boston Terrier collectibles. But when his collection of several hundred pieces outgrew his Texas home, Hambright decided to open the Boston Terrier Museum.

Located in Floydada, Texas, the museum features hundreds of Boston Terrier children’s toys, vintage candy dishes, door stops, and more.

“I wanted something to do that would keep me out of trouble,” Hambright told the Savannah Morning News. “I had been collecting for a long while, and it just kept growing.”

Hambright bought the pieces from antique shops, flea markets and other collectors.

“It is always fun to hunt,” says Hambright, who has owned five Boston Terriers over the years. “It is unlimited what you can find.”

Hambright often repairs the pieces he collects, and his wife helped match the paint. After she died five years ago, Hambright continued to collect new items, and says he still doesn’t have a favorite.

Each piece “is unique,” he says.

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